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  • 1. Banner Photo Luxury goods has never been more accessible.
    Natural stone; Applied to places more than we can guess.
    Best stone assortment of Turkey.
    Elegant stone mosaics for the World
    Production inside moulds for zero faults.
    Which you can use lifetime,
    Which you will feel the positive energy for decades
    In Istanbul.
  • 2. Banner Photo Stone mosaics assortment has never been so reacable.
    To make historicallike places.
    Best stones of Turkey.
    Indispensable living room decoration stones mosaics.
    Production inside moulds for zero faults.
    Stone mosaics for both for exterior and interior walls.
    The same satisfaction for decades as you stare.
    As near as Avcilar/Istanbul.
  • 3. Banner Photo Well assorted and all real stones.
    For bagno, hall, TV surroundings, .
    Best selection of Turkish stones.
    Building exterior stones.
    Set inside zero mistake moulds to cure the glue.
    You can use lifetime with trust.
    You never get bored after years.
    At Avcilar/Istanbul/Turkey.
  • 4. Banner Photo Perfect colors, perfect quality.
    Natural stone...Best material for home decoration.
    Cooler in summers and warmer in winters with stone siding.
    Travertine and marble, always warm to eyes.
    Feel the energy of stones.
    Just chose the proper stone conforming to your feeling.
    Yellow, beige, black.. Just make your choice.
    Enrich your environment.

Luxury has never been this cheap with natural stone products.




About Us


Our company began its production on 2011 at Isiso Industrial Estate in Hadimkoy province of Istanbul. On 2012, we had a partner in Afyon/Iscehisar and moved our machines to that facility. Until that time, we make produce and sell mainly splitface stone mosaics, tumbled travertine and marbles, all kinds of stone slabs and tiles. Our experience and meticulousness opened up a space us in Istanbul's market while we work with architects mostly with their big projests. Our products are on hundreds of buildings' interior and exterior sides in Istanbul. Our product standarts are ; First class stone mosaics glue, first class fiber mesh (160 gr/sqm.), faultless cut stone mosaics (cut in rubber mouldings), faultless setting on the fiber mesh (stones with glue are cured in laser cut iron moulds), sides cleaning of each panel (finished product). A durable packaging to withstand long vessels. We can work with all kinds of stones of Turkey. We can provide mixed stones models according to your wishes. Our mosaics products can be set on fiber mesh or can be sold bulk (not set on fiber mesh). Little piece stone mosaics' sizes begin from 1 cm. up to 15 cm.

Never hesitate to ask us your questions about our products.

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